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The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning Издательство: Free Press, 1993 г Суперобложка, 460 стр ISBN 0029216052 инфо 8092b.

The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning Издательство: Free Press, 1993 г Суперобложка, 460 стр ISBN 0029216052 инфо 8092b.

In this definitive and revealing history, Henry Mintzberg unmasks the process that has mesmerized so many organizations since 1965-strategic planning One of the original management thinkers, Mintzberg concludатфсмes that strategy cannot be planned because planning is about analysis and strategy is about synthesis That is why, he asserts, the process has failed so often and dramatically Mintzberg traces the origin and history of strategic planning through its prominence and sбгсмсubsequent fall He argues that we must reconceived the process by which strategies are created by emphasizing informal learning and personal vision Mintzberg proposes new definitions of planning and strategy, and examines in unusual ways the various models of strategic planning and the evidence of why they failed Reviewing the so-called 'pitfalls' of planning, he shows how the process itself can destroy commitment, narrow a company's vision, discourage change and breed an atmosphereбомшр of politics In a harsh critique of many sacred cows, he describes three basic fallacies of the process - in that discontinuities can be predicted, that strategists can be detached from the operations of the organization, and that the process of strategy-making itself can be formalized Mintzberg devotes a substantial section to the new role of planning, plans and planners, not inside the strategy-making process, but around it, in support of it, providing some of its inputs and sometimes programming its outputs, as well as encouraging strategic thinking in general This book is essential reading for anyone in an organization who is influenced by the planning or strategy-making process It is also suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students undertaking corporate strategy, strategic management and business policy courses Автор Генри Минцберг Henry Mintzberg Генри Минцберг - профессор менеджмента МакГилльского университета в Монреале Он закончил Слоанскую Школбсьжйу Менеджмента в Массачусетском технологическом институте Работал на различных консультационных должностях, в том числе в качестве профессора в .