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The Real Warren Buffett: Managing Capital, Leading People ISBN 1857883322 инфо 8077b.

The Real Warren Buffett: Managing Capital, Leading People ISBN 1857883322 инфо 8077b.

A blend of biographical, business and psychological analysis, The Real Warren Buffett offers an original study of Warren Buffett's leadership and the art of acting like an owner In a work of immense scope anатфрчd range in which every principle is richly illustrated with quotes from Buffett himself, this is a unique look at Warren Buffett: a manager and leader who is recognized worldwide as a modern-day "man for all seasons" With rare insight and a fresh look insidбгслцe the mind of the man who has redefined what corporate governance means, James O'Loughlin reveals for the first time the secret of how Buffett as a manager and leader has crafted Berkshire Hathaway into one of the largest and most successful conglomerates in the US Much more than a successful stock picker, O'Loughlin traces Buffett's career transitions from stockbroker to 'cigar butt investor' to a brilliant capital manager and corporate leader Packed with practical and powerful lбомччessons overlooked by others who have studied this enigmatic personality, The Real Warren Buffett explains in full Buffett's special principles for managing Berkshire Hathaway: how he avoids "the institutional imperative" (to use his own phrase); how he leads without a "strategic plan" and prevents prior commitments from becoming blindfolds; and how he gets his extraordinarily decentralized management style to working stark contrast to the hands-on, centralized approach of Jack Welch For any manager or executive who strives to follow the path Buffett has forged to the high ground in corporate governance, this guide illustrates what it means to act like an owner: how to use this ideal as an instrument of leadership and a successful approach to acquisitions; how to attract the right people to the organization; and how to devise rules of behavior which drive these principles down through the organization to the operational level Throughout the book, O'Lougбсьжиhlin demonstrates in practical detail how Buffett's Circle of Competence model, involving psychology and emotion, can be used to improve decision-making and the allocation of capital Автор Д О'Лафлин James O'Loughlin.

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