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Топ Продаж
The Summer Queen Издательство: Tor Books, 2003 г Мягкая обложка, 688 стр ISBN 0765304465 инфо 5956b.

The Summer Queen Издательство: Tor Books, 2003 г Мягкая обложка, 688 стр ISBN 0765304465 инфо 5956b.

Sequel To The Hugo Award-Winning Bestseller The Snow Queen The Summer Queen is the extraordinary sequel to one of science fiction's most celebrated novels, The Snow Queen Set in a fully realized universe ofатхух wonders, this spectacular space epic, itself a finalist for the Hugo Award, is one of the most remarkable novels in the field A story that spans millennia, from the ruins of an ancient interstellar empire to the planets of the Hegemony that rules human space, The Suбгтиоmmer Queen is the multi-layered story of Tiamat, a world where the dolphin-like mers are harvested for the youth-prolonging serum extracted from their blood But Tiamat is much more, for beneath Carbuncle, its capital,lies the old empire's greatest secret: an enormous forgotten technology which, though decaying, continues to affect the fates of the fallen empire's remnant cultures via the sybil-network--a data bank that binds the past and the future in its web of knowledge, As the Smiбомяфth, genius mastermind of the hidden interstellar Brotherhood, tries feverishly to unlock its secrets, BZ Gundhalinu desperately strives to save the Hegemony, while the Summer Queen herself dares to create a new future for her people and her planet And though each is acting alone, their fates will entwine in an astonishing climax that will change the universe forever Reprint edition Автор Джоан Виндж Joan Carol Dennison Vinge Родилась в Балтиморе Училась в университете Сан-Диего, получила степень бакалавра антропологии В 1971 г принимала участие в экспедиции по подъему затонувшего корабля В 1972 г вышла замуж за известного математика и писателя-фантаста Вернона Винджа и .

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